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Classroom Computer Support

The majority of classrooms/lecture halls in LSA are managed by LSA Instructional Support Services "ISS", there are a couple of classrooms that LSA IT - Randall helps support the computer's load set in conjunction with ISS. This page describes policy and practice we observe in regards to those classrooms.

Classrooms/lecture halls:

West Hall:       120
Angell Hall:     5180a, 5190

Critical Support
Support of instructional efforts is one of our highest priorities. If you are experiencing issues with technology in a classroom and cannot work around it please call ISS 734.615.0100 for assistance. Alternatively, you can have someone stop by the LSA IT - Randall office in 2428 Randall Lab. Our first priority will be to restore functionality; often this means coming up with a workaround to get you back up and running. 

Non-Critical Support
We consider an issue non-critical if it is just "an annoyance" or if a working workaround is in place. To report a non-critical issue, please contact the ISS Technical Assistance Group at  These issues will be addressed at the next available opportunity when classes are not being held. To facilitate this, we schedule weekly maintenance windows in each of the rooms.

Computer Load set
In order to ensure that software is kept in sync with instructional needs while still protecting the consistency of the computing environment during the actual term, four weeks before the start of a term ISS and LSA IT - Randall will start working with the 
departments that primarily use one of the supported classrooms to develop an updated load set for the upcoming term. At that time, a 
target date for implementation (often the 1st day of classes) will be set on a room by room basis.

We will maintain this consistent load set for the computers in classrooms for the entire term. Our policy is to not allow changes to classroom computers after the start of term except in the following cases:
  • Security Issues: If there is something that affects the security of the machine, data or user accounts used to access the machine, steps will be taken immediately to mitigate the security issue.
  • Instructor Specific add-ons/settings: If a specific software add-on or setting that is demonstratively used only for a single instructor's class(es), so that a change to that specific item will have no effect on the user experience in other classes, the manager of ISS may (at their discretion) approve the change to happen "out of band". The factors that will be considered for such a decision will include:
    • Frequency with which the instructor is asking for such changes
    • Disruption to the computing environment required to implement the change
In order to request an "out of band" change, the instructor should ISS Technical Assistance Group at

This is done to ensure as consistent experience as possible for the term, as many instructors prepare their classroom materials ahead of time. Allowing for changes during the academic term may invalidate those materials and cause disruption to instruction.