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Computing Equipment Purchases

In general, computing equipment should be purchased through LSA IT - Randall. This will allow us an opportunity to ensure we can support equipment brought into the computing environment along with making sure that it will function as intended in that environment without undue waste of resources through incompatibility with existing systems.

There are a few exceptions to this rule...
  • Supplies for personal printers
  • Equipment for groups who have made arrangements to buy their own specialized equipment because it will fall outside of our support envelope.
Preferred Vendors
The University has made arrangements with several vendors to be considered above others when purchasing equipment (Prime Vendors). As a result, we are expected to utilize those vendors whenever possible. Most of the time, there is advantage to using these vendors but occasionally, it is more desirable to purchase equipment through other vendors.

In cases where a Prime Vendor is not the preferable option, please be aware that it may be necessary to create some additional documentation justifying a research requirement for why a non-Prime vendor may be used to supply the item. However, LSA IT - Randall staff will be happy to assist in creating this justification.

HP Exception Form
On the the preferred vendor agreements is with Hewlett Packard (HP). As part of this agreement, Procurement Services will reject purchase requests made for non-HP desktop or laptop computers unless a business or technical case can be made as to why a HP device will not function.

So, if you need a non-HP PC laptop or desktop you must fill out the HP Exception Form and include it in the purchase request.

Sole-Source Justification
For equipment valued over $10,000, University policy requires a bidding process to be observed when purchasing the equipment. This process can add some delay to the acquisition of the equipment. However, in some cases, it is possible to avoid the bid process if due diligence was done locally when selecting a vendor. A Sole Source Justification form will need to be submitted as part of the purchase request in those cases. Again, staff of LSA IT - Randall will be happy to assist you in preparing the form, which can be found here