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Ticket Submission

To allow LSA IT to prioritize and address computer problems efficiently, please submit tickets via one of the theses mechanisms. 
Failure to adhere to these mechanisms may result in delays in getting your issue handled. This is especially true when you contact an individual on the LSA IT team expecting an immediate response. Often your issue will wait because that person is out of the office or busy, while another team member may have been able to help you right away.

When you are submitting tickets, please observe these guidelines to avoid issues that may result in delays when getting your issue resolved:
  • Provide as much information as you can: If you submit a ticket that has no detail as to which computer, where it is, what's wrong with it, or what platform it's running then it will take us longer to fix your problem.
      • A good contact number where you can be reached (having it ring through to the main office that you are never in doesn't qualify).
      • The name and location of the device requiring attention (this is especially true if you have multiple devices spread across several rooms).
      • The operating system it's running (Mac, Windows, Linux) or if it's a printing or network issue.
      • A good description of the problem.
  • Submit one problem or issue per ticket: If you submit a ticket with 4 different issues affecting 4 different machines, not only will communication about the issues be complicated but it will result in delays and confusion getting everything fixed, and we may miss something.
  • Do not reopen old tickets with new problems: This causes a lot of confusion and causes huge delays in getting issues resolved.
  • Avoid opening tickets for others: Often if you're opening a ticket for someone else, you will not have all of the information to help us quickly resolve the issue. This often results in "playing the telephone game".