Loaner Equipment

LSA IT - Randall has equipment that can be loaned out to users as needed. The only requirement we have is that they have a valid UofM affiliation. Loans are done on a first-come-first-served basis but, you can request that we hold something for you. We do loans of just about any length, but loans exceeding 3 days will require LSA IT - Randall management sign-off to ensure that loaner equipment is available for others when needed.

Classroom loans take priority over others. If a classroom is in need of equipment, and you are requesting the same equipment for a non-classroom purpose, the classroom will get the equipment.

We currently have the following equipment to loan:
  • 4 Macbooks
  • 6 Windows laptops (various models)
  • Two portable projectors (Sony VPL-CX5)
We also have miscellaneous cables, adapters and the like. If you are in need of something, please let us know.

Reserve Equipment
To reserve equipment, send an email to and specify the equipment you would like to reserve. Also include when you would like to pick it up and low long you will need it.

Pickup Equipment
To pick up loaner equipment, simply swing by the LSA iT - Randall suite in 2428 Randall Lab.