3D Printing

We are equipped with a Cubify CubeX 3D extrusion printer capable of printing objects up to 10 inches square. It can print in layers as thin as 100 microns and uses either ABS or PLA material.

We are able to provide this service without charge you because you are responsible for purchasing your own print material cartridge and USB key. We are simply supplying a little bit of time (and a 3D printer) to help you.

To have a 3D printed object follow these 4 easy steps
  1. Purchase your print material: http://cubify.com/en/Products/CubeXSupplies
  2. Ensure your print material cartridge is clearly labeled with your name, a good contact number and an e-mail address you can be reached at
  3. Transfer your STL or CUBEX file to a USB key (STL and CUBEX are the only formats we accept)
  4. Drop the USB key and print material cartridge off in the LSA IT - Randall office
If you brought in a CUBEX file, we will begin the print process immediately. If you brought in a STL file then we will convert the file to the CUBEX format while you are here. After you review the file, we will begin the printing process.

It can take some time for the process to complete. Once it is done, we will contact you using the information on the cartridge so you can pick up your USB key, print material cartridge and, of course, your complete object. You can swing by the CaTS office between 8:00 AM and 5:PM Monday through Friday to pick up the object.

Your object will have extra material that was used to support it during the print process that will require removal.

Our service is "first come, first served," from the time you arrive at our office with your file ready to print, However, jobs submitted by local departmental users will have the highest priority. The consultants will make their best effort to print your object. However, we cannot guarantee results in every circumstance. 

Need Help? - Contact us

Helpful Tips
  • Make sure you saved your 3D object source file in the STL format.
  • You can download software to generate the CUBEX file from a STL file for Mac or Windows machines from this link: http://cubify.com/en/Products/CubeXTechSpecs
  • Expect it to take a day or two for your print job to be done. The thinner your file is set to print, the longer it will take.